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We are a group of people who share a wish to live creatively.  We value movement improvisation and community creative practice as life affirming and uniquely transformative for our lives inside and outside of the place we call home.


We have actively chosen to recognise our common purpose for a life built on trust, love, healing and movement. We are developing an international dance and arts centre in combination with a year-round sustainable community.


Contact improvisation has been vital for building our group. We don't all dance it regularly (or at all!), but we all acknowledge that if it wasn't for the international network supporting the form many of us would never have met.


Click on the images below to learn a little about us. For some of us you can learn more by following the 'Go to link' at the bottom of each image.

Although I describe myself as an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, improviser my focus always comes back to the body. How we inhabit life through our bodies and walk the planet as embodied beings, inseparably part of Nature's web.
Community dance artist, somatic movement educator, improviser, body/face painter, mother and gypsy soul.

Cares for life, nature, true self and authentic connections
My name is Daniel Hernandez. I am an itinerant theatre-maker exploring the ritual roots of performance. My research since 2008 has led me to study under several of the most respected clown and mask teachers currently alive, including 2 years of training with renowned theatre master Philippe Gaulier.
Sharing, training, building and creating art, personal development are at the core of my desire to find a place and grow with like minded souls, to have space to develop, to perfect and to leave a mark, build an eco artistic somatic spiritual institution, a seed for others and other generations to evolve...(continued-link below)
I am interested in exploring how people can Be - Together. How honest can we be, with ourselves and with others? How can we deeply listen to and be in service of what the world is asking for? How can we live in true connection to ourselves, to others and to our environment? In all those questions, the body as my medium of perception and my home, is in the same time means and subject of my inquiry.......
Gypsy, amateurish songwriter, trash object maker, filmmaker and writer.
Football- and Inline-skating lover. Meditation producer.

I am especially interested in exploring the creative process and how it could be supported through a common focus within a group.
Interested in: body awareness, unintended movement, contact improvisation, massage & bodywork, conscious intimacy & sexuality, somatic psychology, group processes, community dynamics, conflict facilitation & transformation. Process-Oriented Psychology. Structural abstraction (mathematics). Singing and making music. Spontaneity and the evolution of ritual. Community living & conviviality. Rationality and shamanism.........
I was driven to the monastery to dance. I came out with and into a sense of family, community, friendship, and sangha. I am interested in the heart, to exist here in this place, and return home to its continual, creative breath. I am attracted and challenged by the mirrors discoverable in our community life so far and the enterprise of honesty that opens the scope for growth. I am moved to be another’s aide; learning to be a friend, supporter, inquirer, witness, tour-guide........
I am a Quaker and I work at a church in West London. When I applied for the job, I said I was seeking "a beautiful home, space for creativity & work that can be done in spirit of worship". I am still seeking that.
Community dance and drama practitioner,

mother, improviser, water lover
Medical and visual anthropologist, CI dancer, documentary film maker, romantic, intentional communities, 'intersubjectivist'
I am passionate about conscious movement and continually exploring the themes of presence, flow, connection, intimacy, inner voice and relationship. My work is rooted in Sensitive Dance which I have practiced for 15 years and trained in with Claude Coldy. I am a School of Being teacher, trained in Living Tantra with Jan Day.
I am also a Free The Inner Voice Facilitator (Nikki Slade) and a Thai Massage practitioner.
I am interested in the space of being. In sensing what dances behind the senses, as excitement, as boredom. The formless intuition whose life is my life. In the feeling of chest... the limbless skill of a heart expanding in unconditional trust, ignorant of the personal waves of concern and intention. Interested in dropping structures and interested in meeting you in the refreshing presence of the power that lives as us.
I am interested in Human Beings, in the way we relate to the world, each of us embodied of our life, and others. I like to experiment how we can meet and share. Dance and art in general is a lovely way to meet oneself and the others and see our limits and try to extend them if possible. I could say that I am a contemporary dancer, performer, into improvisation and contact-Improvisation, exploring the moment present, the relation to the environment in general (city and nature), and the link......
To live, to feel, to love, to breathe, to become the dance in reverence to the liberated heart, in reverence to the liberated Self. We liberate ourselves.
My intimate search is to open up, to create the link between different practices by poetry. I began my commitment in the artistic way by photography since I met the dance. My way brought me to teach contact improvisation and instant composition. Fields of art performance allowed me to explore various materials. The freedom this practice offers fit me well. Inviting creativity into action and putting us in the service of this one. It's what I like exactly in the project of the Monastery........
interested in Artistic Expression, NVC & ZEN, Languages&Organization, Community&Permaculture
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