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Arts & Dance in nature

July 27th - August 5th, 2017

9 days with a focus on different approaches to somatic practice to reconnect us to the nature that we all are.


The main topic and exploration is around the human living body in its fullness which includes: moods and emotions, sensations, movement, awareness, our connection with nature and the environment.

There will be 2 workshops leading you into a somatic movement journey to dive intensively into experiential learning through movement and embodied awareness practice, as well as open classes.

Part I : 27th Jul - 1 Aug

Butoh & Deep Contact in Nature

with Carey Jeffries & Fabienne Menjucq

Part II : 2nd August 10am - 5th August 8pm

"Natural Expression" Intensive

with Uma Clapdorp, Melody Sacco, Sonja Bruhlmann, Gabriel Kissling, Ben Julian

It is possibe to participate to the whole event or to  part I or Part II only

Part I : 27th July - 1 Aug

start 28th July 10am

day off on 1st August with solo presentations in the evening

Butoh & Deep Contact in Nature

with Carey Jeffries & Fabienne Menjucq

This week uses personal creative process to create performances. We will work with an intensive daily training exploring dance on several levels using the techniques of Butoh, Contact Improvisation and Instantaneous Composition (even a fusion of the three known as Deep Contact).

We will use different tools to warm up the body so that it is fully available and in harmony with the mind and soul. Yoga (Yin, Vinyasa & Partner) Pranayama (breathing) and meditation, Massages (Thaï & Body Weather manipulation) Nature walks and performance in the fields & lake, will help us to get connected to our vegetal, mineral and animal states and energies which can open new dimensions to inspire our dance.

According to your creative tendencies other medias can be used (such as drawing & painting, photography, video, live music etc). These materials will be put to the service of the dance. This workshop is addressed to all people with a basic experience in dance and bodywork wishing to explore their artistic and gestural creativity. You will develop the techniques proposed and share the explorative energy of the group.

Carey Jeffries & Fabienne Menjucq unite their practices and rich experiences to guide you during a intense, profound and creative week. Dancers, artists and yoga teachers, massage Thai and healing energy pratictioners they are the founders of Studio Keller & Maison Keller, Paris.
For more information please see our sites and
To contact 33 (0) 6 81 64 95 04 or 33 (0) 6 33 49 36 87
Studio Keller, 1 rue Keller, 75011 Paris


Part II : 2nd August 10am - 5th August 08pm

"Natural Expression" Intensive

with Uma Clapdorp, Melody Sacco, Sonja Bruhlmann, Gabriel Kissling, Ben Julian

The Intensive offers the opportunity to explore different Somatic Practices and Artistic expressions in connection with nature and the environment.
The intensive will be co-facilitated by different teachers and each day will bring a specific thematic exploration.

Mornings will be dedicated to tune in and warm up our bodies and senses through bodywork and various techniques. Afternoons and evenings will take us more deep into thematic journeys and other artistic exploration. We'll be visiting Body Mind Centering, Meditation, Sensitive Dance, performance, Authentic movement, Contact, Improvisation, Life-drawing, object making with natural materials, Rituals.
From this exploration we wish to create an Expressive Journey for our collective and individual experiences through movement and other media with a sharing on Sat 5 Aug before dinner.

Melody Shantala Sacco: Dancing Inside-Out


An invitation to  explore and discover how our amazing body moves and works. We will start from inspiring anatomical landscapes to motivate kinesthetic explorations towards embodied awareness and improvisation practice. We will tune in our senses and slide along our skin, dive into our inner and outer environment, turn all inside out and than let our bones, tissues, blood and organs inform our movement and dance. We will spend some time in the studio and some outside to observe how the nature inside us is also a reflection of outer nature. The teaching is informed by Body Mind Centering, experiential anatomy, creative dance, CI and bodywork. 


About Melody:

Melody (Shantala Sacco) has a background in Painting and Art and a formal training in Dance-Theatre (Italy). She moved to London in 2004 where dance became her first source of creativity and research. She received a Postgraduate qualification in Community Dance at Laban and graduated in the SME program of Body Mind Centering. Spiritual embodiment and enquiry have great significance in her life.

She has worked as a freelance dance teacher internationally and  taught in several schools and dance educational institutions, supporting and encouraging children and adults of all ages and abilities to move and express themselves through their bodies. 


After becoming a mother her interests moved more into somatic movement and embodiment practice. In Melody's view movement and touch are natural human fundamental needs and her wish is to support women and people to connect more deeply with their soul and to live and express their true nature fully.


"Appreciation of our own self and the space we live in, leads to awareness and appreciation of the earth and a desire to preserve the place where we live"

Mobile +34617599029

Uma Laurence Clapdorp: Sensitive Dance with Nature

An invitation to enter into a natural state of listening, become intimate with our innermost movements and discover the responses and resources that become available when we start there. We will use the structures of Sensitive Dance to guide us through an evolutionary journey and poetic/ritual practices, while receiving support and inspiration from Nature all around, and giving presence to each other. As the fruit of our sensations, emotions and movement, we will invite the expression of our own unique dance and artistery to emerge in the present moment, and explore the traces left.

"Each time I have taken part in one of Laurence's classes, I have journeyed deep into my being and emerged nourished and connected. She holds a very beautiful space for conscious movement both inside and out in nature. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking somatic congruence." Tara Hazel Loveridge

About Uma:

I am passionate about conscious movement and continually exploring the themes of presence, flow, connection, intimacy, inner voice and relationship.   My work is rooted in Sensitive Dance which I have practiced for 15 years and trained in with Claude Coldy. I am a School of Being teacher, trained in Living Tantra with Jan Day.  
I am also a Free The Inner Voice Facilitator (Nikki Slade) and a Thai Massage practitioner.

Mobile +447533132169

Course Fee:

  • Part I or Part II:  Fair price = 250 EUR / Tight budget = 200 EUR

  • Whole Intensive:  Fair price = 450 EUR / Tight budget = 400 EUR

Please judge for yourself, we encourage you to only choose the tight budget price if you really need it.

Space contribution and meals are excluded, please request that in the booking form.



Please let us know if you have any doubt about how much your stay (meals, space & event contribution) will cost.


We accept cash to be paid on arrival. Just be aware that there is no ATM in the village.


You can also send a deposit of 100 €, or the whole of the payment on our account:

IBAN: FR7630004008260000118138708 - BIC: BNPAFRPPXXX

Sending a picture of your transfer will  help us a lot in our administrative work, to take notice of the day, the reference and the quantity you transferred.

For bookings or inquiries please use the form below:

Thank you! We've received your message.

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