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(December 2016 Update)

Dear LAB friends and followers

This few words intend to give you an update on our LAB group present situation and our

plans for the near future. We invite you to read them doing handstand or sitting on a

wooden chair...

After a very rich season at the Monastery of Pontós, Catalonia, our group left on the 15 th of

October 2016. Since that date each of us took their own direction and went into periods of

addressing personal priorities and reflecting on the past season experience at the

Monastery, in order to create conditions to move even with greater enthusiasm into 2017.


We tried to stay at The Monastery for the winter but unfortunately that was not possible

due to the conditions of the building and mainly due to the unwillingness of the proprietary

to rent the space after October.


In 2015/16 our New Year gathering took place in Ponderosa, near Berlin; this year we

moved to London, in the facilities of the Kensington Unitarian Church. Under the generous

hosting of the church, a substantial part of our group worked and danced together the

“steps” that will frame our dynamics into 2017. We worked on our community building

process and analyzed alternative locations where to run our fluorescent movement center

(in case we decide not to go back to the Monastery).


It was a joyful and rewarding time which brought us closer together and allowed us to

evolve more into the understanding of our wishes, needs and current potential. It showed

that the enthusiasm is alive and growing. It became visible to each other the wish of

stabilizing our physical location and moving into a continuos configuration, where at least

part of us can settle into permanent residence status, allowing us to offer workshops and

events all year round as well as a multidisciplinary space for resident artists and retreats.

We plan a new gathering in February which will take us to visit alternative spaces and

hopefully to take a decision about where we will spend the next spring/summer and what

will our Events Program look like. 

Until that decision takes place we are happy to receive your comments, feedbacks and

suggestions, regarding the time spent with us last year or places you know that might suit

us. For that you can fill in the great survey we put together in order to collect our friends

and guests feedback on what we did so far (link to the survey).


In case you are interested to help us find a place, or in case you want to know what kind of

site we´re aiming at, we attach a document we´re sending to real estates explaining

the type of property and the contract conditions we find essential to consider it as an



with love and gratitude


December 2016

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