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Community Creativity Intensive

August 13-20st, 2016

The legendary Monastery Intensive returns!
In this family sized intensive we will spend a week creating, dancing  and sharing together.

The invitation is to form on-going groups that meet in the morning and investigate a particular idea, skill, question, fixation, or unknown. The afternoon will open into a space for any of us to propose a lab, activity, skill-share or even an adventure out. Or there is always the possibility of swinging in the hammocks or swimming in the pool.  
Every evening will offer an opportunity to share our daily harvests and pass what is fresh in our minds and bodies into the jam. The jams hope to embrace all manner of artistic forms so bring your dancing, music, instruments, writings and paints, objects... 
In the final day groups will look for ways into sharing their morning laboratories to the wider community and we will open our doors to people from the local area.  
FR 12TH : Arrival (from 15:00) 
SAT: creativity gathering  
TUES/WEDS: Beach day, exploration and resting 
FRI: exhibitions 
SAT: departures and goodbyes (until 12:00) 
Please come with energy to participate in 1 or 2 hours work every day in cooking and cleaning as we co-create the space together.  
Organic vegetarian food. 3 daily meals. Accommodation in tent or dorm 
Price: 20 Euros / day (FRI-SUN) - accommodation & food included (maximum stay is 9 nights). 


See here pictures from the CCI 2015

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