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Divine Ridiculous

May 2nd - May 9th, 2016

This 7 day immersion in the spaces and grounds of this beautiful Monastery will give us a chance to get into deeper connections with each other, ourselves, the surrounding landscape and the work. The extended time will also give us time to discover the slippery, visceral pleasures of working with CLAY to create a magical object - a Mask - with which to make a vision-quest.




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The CLOWN is the guardian of an earthy, grounded humanity, a powerful spirit keeping us safe from solemn ego-trips, judgements and mind-games.

A MASK is a powerful tool with which to dive into archetypal realms and conduct dream work in the waking state. It is also capable of hypnotising the viewer. The paradox is that in wearing a mask we liberate our life-force energy from the fetters of our habitual character traits. Through hiding, we reveal something vital and truthful about ourselves.

Through RITUAL THEATRE, we have an opportunity to release personal histories in to the realm of STORY, and stage acts from our wildest dreamings which manifest desired changes or reveal hidden powers in our lives.

We will dig deep into the world of The Clown, not only through the European circus and theatre traditions, but also through archaic/ shamanic clown and trickster cosmologies, particularly those of the North American Hopi, and of Haitian Voudoun, which both contain a vast treasure-box of Maskwork, SHAMANISM, trance-like states, TRICKSTER spirits, dances, and a lot of wisdom.

Mask, Movement, Music, Touch, and Play will be our routes toward sacred mysteries and profane laughter.

We will have the chance to draw on a much wider variety of modalities according to the needs of the group and the flow of the work: These could include Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Music, Voice, Massage, Tarot, Psychomagic, Healing, Art, Body and Breathwork.

This vast landscape of clown and maskwork is a fascinating and colourful route into individuation, and toward gaining confidence and skill as a human actor.

We will be working with our bodies, clay, nature, light, movement, voice, laughter, and energy.

The event will culminate with an informal presentation on the evening of Saturday 7th which will be open to the community. This could take the form of a cabaret, a jam, or a piece of ritual theatre.

Creating a community of explorers, we will dream a space in which people can shine their wild beauty out into the world.

There is always a lot of music, cabaret, and party in my workshops. This element of celebration, mischief, and fun grounds our 'deeper' excursions into creativity, self and group work, theatre, life, body, and planet...


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Fair price €350

Full support €390

Budget €310

Super Budget (2 places avail): €250


These prices are including food and dorm/camping accomodation.





Sunday 2nd May:  arrival, orientation dinner and opening ceremony

Monday-Friday:  6 hours workshop per day in 3 hour sessions.

Saturday:  Creation and Presentation in the Theatre space

Sunday:  Harvest/Decompress/Closing circle


There will be optional morning practices and plenty of extra curricular social, physical, spiritual and natural activities at the Monastery - including regular Contact Impro jams, dinners, gardens, excursions. etc...


People are welcome to stay longer at the monastery.

All community members will participate in some cooking/cleaning tasks.


***Limited concession places/bursaries available - please message me with your application in less than 200 words stating how much you can pay and your motivation to attend the course.


Contact Email

tryhardtobekind at


Keywords : Intensive, Theatre, Clay, Mask, Clown, Bouffon, Ritual, Nature, Butoh, Dance, Workshop, Presentation, Community, Spain, Sun, Fun


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