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Community Creativity Intensive

The legendary Monastery Intensive returns!
In this family sized intensive we will spend a week creating and sharing together.
JULY 8-16th, 2017
Contribution: 180 Euros for accommodation & food


The invitation is to follow your curiosity and to investigate a particular idea, skill or question or just to jump into the unknown. All forms are welcome: Dancing, music, photography, painting, objects...

In the mornings (10:00-12:30) and afternoons (16:00-18:00) there will be sessions open to any of us to propose a lab, an activity, a workshop or even an adventure out. In between those sessions there will be the possibility to pursue our individual projects and form into groups. 


In the final days we will look for ways to share our laboratories to the wider community and we will open our doors to people from the local area.

Evening program:

FR: Contact jam

SA: Multi Art Jam

SU: Night swimming in the lake

MO: Impro Performance Night

TU: Costume Disco Party

WE: free

TH: Blind walk to La forge

FR: Music / sounding and Contact jam

SA: Exhibition (from 16:00) and Performance Night

Please come with energy to participate in 1 or 2 hours work every day in cooking and cleaning as we co-create the space together. 
We encourage you to come for the whole period, but it is also possible to join us for a shorter period of time.

There is no fee to participate in the festival workshops - just a contribution for food & accommodation.

Contribution with help (1 shift / day): 10 Euros / day accommodation + 10 Euros / day food

Contribution without help: 10 Euros / day accommodation + 15 Euros / day food
Largely organic vegetarian food. 3 daily meals. Accommodation in tent or dorm. 
NB some private rooms also available for 20E per night - please ask


                                For booking or inquiries please use the form below:







Adress of the event: 

Place de l'Île,
11230 Sainte-Colombe-sur-l'Hers

How to find us

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