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Dancing in the Dirt

April 26th - May 15th, 2016

Dancing in the Dirt is a five-day research workshop on permaculture and movementwith special reference to contact improvisation. We will borrow the structure of the score from contact improvisation as a context to create a community garden. The Dancing in the Dirt score will run over several days inviting the dance to manifest our physical habitat. And whilst dancing the garden we investigate the body inside the natural environment and as the natural environment. We look to ground the dance in the earth, and move the earth through the dance..





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(c) Katelyn Stiles

URGENT UPDATE! Due to various factors we postponed Saar and Moshe's* teaching but in good spirits we will continue to dig and dance together! During the five days we’ll connect and learn in a simple frame of working, dancing, jamming and blessing the land. Mornings will be spent in the garden with a permaculture practitioner. After lunch we will enter a more somatic and dance space offered by practitioners within the community in which we will invite connections between nature and the moving body. And of course there will be nightly contact jams in our beautiful chapel! Bring your instruments! Whether you’re a professional dancer, experienced gardener, dancing gardener, community lover or completely new to all come along and share your skills, energy, ideas and company! There is space for all.


You are welcome to stay another week with a commitment to further establishing the garden…


Price: 25 euro per day to cover food** and accommodation. Discounts for locals.



Offerings: If you can bring tools or maybe seeds or plants from your home that you would like to gift to our garden...


Inside the schedule are times for meditation on our central theme eco-somatics, personal and group process and proposals, gift sharing and exchange, permaculture classes, hands-on work, focused nightly jams and embodied integrations. The days will be structured between the studio and the garden. In this way encouraging the patterns we observe in our bodies to enhance understanding of efficient designs in nature and vice versa.


During the course we will also connect and collaborate in the daily life, practices and creative improvisations of the monastery community. We intend to emerge from the process with the beginnings of a beautiful and productive garden that will support the community and onsite creative arts summer program. With your contribution in 

cleaning, regenerating and transforming the earth we can clean, regenerate and transform the ground on which The Monastery –Living Arts Base dances.


We invite you to stay on for another week or two of dancing and gardening in an open improvised frame! (all guests will have to leave for protected community time starting May 15th) This could be a beautiful opportunity for enthusiastic dancing gardeners to harvest the intensity of the workshop and for the process of making a garden to keep unfolding. It is also a time to get stuck into work required to fully establish the garden. You will need only to pay food and accommodation in exchange for a commitment to the garden. As well as good old physical work there will be a chance to further immerse in the Monastery and participate in some of the daily practices, like morning classes, Contact Impro jams in the chapel as well as sharing our community spaces studios. You can keep the energy flowing by joining a philosophical post-intensive workshop on ‘New Biology, New Cosmovision, New gardening’. There will also be a theatre and mask workshop Divine Ridiculous taking place in which there are still places available.


We warmly welcome you to join the monastery in dancing a garden into life and researching possible integrations of contact and gardening, work and play, openness and direction, body and space!



* We are planning to invite Saar and Moshe later in the summer. Watch this space

** Meals are included and will be taken with the rest of the community. Guests will sleep in the dorms. It is also possible to camp in case you wish to bring your own tent.


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