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An integrated events and education centre around movement, arts, improvisation and sustainable living.


We are a group of about twenty people of different nationalities and ages, intending to live together and to co-create an events and education centre around movement, arts, improvisation and sustainable living.

Having found itself through the shared practice of CI, the group has grown on the fertile soil of an old seminary in Catalunya, which has served as our play- and exploration ground for two summers.

We share the wish of making creative practice an integral part of our lives, valuing artistic expression as life affirming and drawing on it’s potential to unite beyond spoken language. We believe in the transformative power of those practices both on an individual and collective level, and in their contribution to a collective rise of consciousness.

We engage in creating a culture based on love, deep listening, trust and mutual support, valuing diversity and inclusivity amongst individuals. In the community building process we explore the potential of a shared creative practice that embody those values.

We practise and fail daily, embracing failures as a chance to reflect. We laugh at least once an hour. We love to play.  We keep dancing (Life is a dance!). We are very busy sharing and taking decisions. We use a sociocratic process that values the voices of all. This takes time. We share almost every meal.

We aim to live in an ecologically sustainable way by growing our own garden and buying organic and locally sourced food. We try to use nature’s resources consciously, being aware of our impact on the environment.

We learn with and from our children. We want to create a communitarian environment that supports all generations, families and individuals, in their growth.

We share our research with a local and international public by running and hosting events and serve as a platform for international exchange in the fields of movement, arts, performance, improvisation and sustainability.

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